Frankie Flowerz: Break The Barriers EP | Internasjonal

Frankie Flowerz: Break the Barriers EP- with John Daly remix- Internasjonal 005-December 14,2008

for INT 005 we bring you a slow house chugger in the form of “Break the barriers”, done by malaysian born and Berlin based Frankie Flowerz. I have to say, it’s not by choice I decided to put this track out but a calling… upon hearing this track in Frankie’s myspace player I knew I HAD to put this out over 12 inches in full scope… I spent some time trying to come up with the perfect match for remix duties and I think we’ve succeeded with the choice of man of the moment(and soon to be “legendary”)John Daly of Galway who turns in a slightly faster, darker and a bit dubbier affair… sooooooo good ; ) Oslo, 17th of october 2008 Prinsthomas

Still Rob G ( A& R, Om Records, San Francisco)- Break the Barriers is AMAZING!

Chaz Jankel (composer-“Ai no Corrida”-on the Quincy Jones LP the Dude”)- Cool Music!-(early comment as “Break the Barriers” was first put on the myspace player)

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