2 Dawgs: It’s A Dawgs Life | Moodmusic

2 Dawgs ( Mohan & Kiki)- Its a Dawgs Life- Moodmusic 032

Guido Schneider and Jori Hulkonnen remixes

Original Berlin sound from Kiki & Mohan known for their brilliant releases on B-Pitch, Crosstown Rebels, Funkhaus and others. The Original mix takes us on a ride back into the future with brilliant rolling beats and that B-Funk bass drilling a hole into your empty soul, keeping the tension to a certain maximum before the strings kick the track back into 5 AM territory with a second bassline doing the damage bigtime before the drop back into a break of athmospheric synths inspired by Moroder and co. Jori´s remix is a homage to the good-old sound of Detroit techno when it was still soulful yet effective on the dancefloor. Smashing his 303 into a sewer, Jori tackles the track with both hands into a 10 minute journey of modulating bass and mad synthlines. Brilliant work! Guido Schneider aka Second Skin re-remixes the eponymous Freestyle Man Trance Mix of „It´s a Dawgs Life“ (from lim-005) with it´s Basic Channel alike synthmodulation and turns the track into an afterhours monstergroove! Originally intended for Guido´s mix compilation on Pokerflat the mix was too good to not put it on vinyl so it´s there now and it will be a slammer at your grandmothers next homewarming party ! Where´s the prozak ?


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